Paul Battaglia

200231_1006862926797_1081627743_34266_8001_n.jpgPaul Battaglia states: “I would much rather experience a little of many things than a lot of just a few”.

My brain processes more toward the arts: music, movies, poetry, writing, theater, drawing, cooking, wood carving. Contrary to being a drummer which is based on numbers and counting, I am routinely horrible with very simple calculations. (Go figure.) I’m an outdoors person who takes interest in foraging for wild mushrooms, camping, fishing and hiking. I have over the past year gotten involved with Obstacle Course Racing. This has proven to be the long awaited sport of choice for me. It has taken me on a much better path of living healthy. Chocolate and garlic are my two weaknesses though I’ve never tried them both together. (Hmm, wait a sec…)

Life is grand with my wife and daughter and this blog thing is entirely new. I hope to keep it rolling as I do find it to be a great outlet.

I can be friended on Facebook at:!/busterpaul


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