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“It’s the Holiday Season”

Posted in Uncategorized on December 16, 2014 by busterpaul

Well, well, well, if it isn’t time for the hustle and bustle of nightmarish traffic and scrambling for the over-commercialized, money-spending, economy-stimulating, credit-debt-gobbling-showboating, that has become the Christmas tradition here in the good ol’ US of A.
Now, don’t you take a Bah-Humbug cue from me, folks. I’ll be out there just as you will, doing my best to fulfill the wish list of stocking-stuffer packages and tree-surrounding presents. Just like you, I was also reminded of the pending Christmas season the minute Halloween ended. Like clockwork, the big corporate juggernauts purchased their TV ad time, and subliminally marketed their way into the subconscious minds of the unsuspecting millions of children across the countries’ households.
The anticipation will soon peak as the countdown to Santas arrival draws closer. My gal, along with the rest of the countless children nation and worldwide, will lay in their beds and dream of getting a peek at Santas boots traipsing through their decorated domain as he lines presents and packages under the family tree. They’ll wake in the morning and race to a heaping pile of treasures. Their eyes will widen with joy as they tear into gifts that had been so skillfully wrapped and tied with ribbon and bows.
And in the SNAP of a couple of fingers…, it will all be over.
Just like that, the weeks upon weeks of buildup will be gone. Oh sure, there’ll be a day of feasting on varieties of foods and fun. Family bonds will take place, and there may be those who traditionally watch their favorite Christmas movies and drink eggnog, spiked or otherwise. And as the day goes along, a nap may be in order to quench need of the sleepy. And before too long, night will fall again. We’ll look around to see scattered remnants of leftover treats and goodies, and ask ourselves if the cleanup can wait until morning. But we won’t wait. There will be those who faithfully jump in to begin tidying up if not to at least make a substantial dent in the reminder of had festivities.
Later on, we may have a cordial, and we’ll talk about what the favorite gift of the day was. There may be a moment of reflective silence as those with a fond memory will recall the days of old. We’ll chat about what it used to be like at Christmas, and how so much of the spiritual meaning has been lost, and only held dearest to a scant, existing few. We’ll think of the days of listening to the Nat King Cole version of Mel Tormes “The Christmas Song” as he crooned from a scratchy LP record. And we’ll sadly remember the lives of family members who are no longer with us.
But, will we remind our children of the meaning of Christmas? Will we hold each other responsible with the ardent need to explain the true meaning? When it is over, will we have allowed the big business overshadowing of Christmas to have been the victor?
I shall hope not.
If not for just 10 minutes on December 25, I would encourage you to gather your children together, and collect their attention for a moment, so that you may glare into their eyes with passion and emphasize the true spiritual meaning of this wonderful day. Perhaps you may share with them the meaning of Peace on Earth, and Good Will toward Men. And perhaps you can tell them to never be afraid to sing out loudly and in glory, – MERRY CHRISTMAS!