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“Nagging Nits”

Posted in Uncategorized on January 31, 2014 by busterpaul

So, you’ve discovered your one and only child furiously scratching their head. “Hmm, what’s that all about?” You know they just had a bath last night. You know they were shampooed with that ultra name brand and not some useless generic cheapo lathering sludge. So, why the itching frenzy? Better take a look. AHHHHH! You gasp in disbelief. Without considering facts, you immediately think: “That’s it; I’m pulling my daughter out of that school.” You’ve got nits. And with nits, you’ve got lice.

Fret not though my friends, for this subject matter is nothing to drastically panic over. Not yet at least. Sure, nobody wants to believe that their child could have possibly been plagued by these creepy critters. Sure, nobody wants to go through the painstaking task of washing and scaling and picking through their child’s head quite literally with a fine toothed comb. Sure, nobody wants to initiate the laundering of nearly everything in their entire household. And above all, nobody wants to be the potential subject of neighborhood gossip. “Did you hear about so and so…?”

Back in October, we’d noticed Sophia begin with the scratching. As first time parents with a now kindergartener child, we were about to learn firsthand of yet another of life’s parental lessons. My veteran parent sister Mary was visiting and when we indicated to her that our daughter was scratching, she asked the dreaded question. “Have you checked for lice?” The mere word triggers you to begin scratching yourself like a flea infested aging Basset Hound.

We hadn’t even entertained the thought. It didn’t occur to us. We ushered our daughter over to our desk where we have a clamp-on-multi-adjustable-magnifying light fastened to the corner. (I sure do love my gadgets.) We put Sophia’s head under the glass and after a moment of weaving through strands of hair, we saw them. Nits. It wasn’t all too alarming or majorly overt, but nonetheless indicative. When we asked Sophia where it itched most, closer examination revealed sporadic tiny, pin-point red bites.” Damn…, better get the blow torch”. (I sure do love my gadgets.)

We were off to the local pharmacy for a treatment plan and in addition, we scoped the internet for some home remedies. Preferring not to engulf our daughters head entirely with chemicals, we half-rationed the treatment and put her to bed with an overnight saturated dose of apple cider vinegar and mayonnaise under a snug shower cap. We followed the recommendation of being diligent with combing and searches and soon reached a comfort level of nit free peace-of-mind.

Hmm, the things we don’t always consider as parents…

“In disguise to protect her identity”